​Social Shaping Research

A knowledge brokerage  

Bob Latham runs his own marketing and sustainability consultancy, Delphi Projects. Delphi Projects provides advice, research  and guidance to Corporate  Businesses and NGO’s in the Forest Products sector on Corporate Marketing and Sustainability governance and strategy, decision rights, stakeholder engagement and supply chain analysis, inspired by the twin mottos of the Oracle of Delphi: "know thyself" and "nothing to excess".

Sustainability and environmental responsibility have featured heavily in Bob´s previous career, which includes 16 years with the UK-based PaperlinX subsidiary Robert Horne Group, as Marketing and Commercial Director and for 4 years as PaperlinX Sustainability Director. Prior to that, Bob worked for luxury paper convertor Svecia Antiqua, preceeded by nine years with papermaker Wiggins Teape, during which time he managed the Conqueror brand worldwide in the 1980s.